Renaissance in AMWC Montecarlo - MONACO

Renaissance in IMCAS Paris - FRANCE.

Renaissance in AMEC Paris - FRANCE.


About us

Renaissance is a qualified company aiming to promote the Aesthetic Medicine business worldwide through the eyes of the Renaissance Italian Art, when the Human Being was depicted as a balanced self-conscious and beautiful entity: perfect expression of Nature and God.
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Renaissance innovative, pro-active and top quality products act in synergy and guarantee remarkable results by providing to the skin those elements already naturally contained in it, that for some reason have been diminishing. Science, Art, Culture, Aesthetic Medicine and a Fair and Transparent Business attitude are the RENAISSANCE main features.
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Bio-RevitalizersVery Rich, Unique and Active cocktails –HA based. Amazing on any skin flaws. Indicated for face and body treatments - from toe-to-hair!
Dermal FillersLeonardo: The next generation HA – experience the FLAIR of a GENIUS!
Chemical PeelingUltimate Chemi-cocktail Peels to Renew, Enlighten and Nourish the skin. Effectively, Safely and Easily!
Skin CarePrecious items – creams, serums, mask - playing a bridge role between one professional protocol and another.