In cooperation with some of the most prestigious Italian Universities - LA SAPIENZA in Rome, and MARCONI in Florence - RENAISSANCE is continually researching and developing innovative, pro-active and top quality products. They act in synergy and guarantee remarkable results by providing to the skin those elements already naturally contained in it, that for some reason have been diminishing. Science, Art, Culture, Aesthetic Medicine and a Fair and Transparent Business attitude are the RENAISSANCE main features.
Contemporary era tends to impose aesthetic standards and formats which look unreachable to the most… RENAISSANCE believes instead that any person can be the “centre of the universe”, out of any pattern or archetype.
The RENAISSANCE CONCEPT is the PRO-AGE idea: Any person can find the optimum at any time, throughout the right way… RENAISSANCE shows you that way, using the synergy among some precious and special tools…and overcoming the out-of-date anti-aging theory.